Palate Expander

The palate expander is used to widen the upper jaw so that the bottom and upper teeth will fit together better. It fits in the roof of the mouth and is cemented to the upper side teeth.



Herbst Appliance is used for significant overbite and overrate situations. It does a great job of bringing the lower jaw forward to improve the appearance of the chin, improve the profile, and can help increase the size of the airway.


Fixed Retainer

Fixed retainer is used after treatment to maintain teeth into their proper positions. We bond custom-made wires to the inside of your upper and lower arches to hold your teeth in place. These may be used alongside removable and clear retainers.



Elastics connect from one tooth to another to improve dental positioning. If worn consistently as instructed, elastics will apply the steady pressure needed to guide your teeth into the correct position.


Biobloc Orthotropic

Many patients who require orthodontic treatment may have an upper jaw that may not have been formed properly. This can cause problematic breathing and improper jaw functions. Facial Orthotropics is a procedure used to correct facial structure prior to orthodontic treatment. We believe that patients should be treated naturally with a removable appliance called Biobloc. Biobloc is used to guide the forward growth of the upper and lower jaws to create a correct facial structure. Worn full-time, the treatment effectively creates space for all the teeth and for the tongue to rest correctly inside the jaw. The creation of space opens up the throat and improve breathing dynamics.


Functional Appliances

The Frankel appliance, twin block appliance, Bionador and other functional appliance are used expand the arch to promote skeletal growth and create a proper jaw alignment. It can also fix overjet or protrusion by retracting the upper teeth and creating a better bite.


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