About Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign® is like wearing braces, except no braces are needed—or seen. This system does not require metal wires and brackets. Aligner treatment uses clear, medical-grade plastic trays in their place. Our aligner treatment plans are designed specifically for you. The trays fit directly over the teeth making them invisible to those around you.

How Invisalign Aligners Work

Aligners are made by scanning your teeth with a 3D camera. We then create a virtual 3D model of what your teeth look like now and the result you would like for your new smile. Once we know where we are starting and where we would like to finish, a series of virtual models are printed moving your teeth a fraction of a millimeter, a tenth of a degree, eventually creating your one of a kind Lemchen-Salzer smile.

Why the Lemchen-Salzer Invisalign Aligner Treatment is Unique

Dr. Lemchen and Dr. Salzer are among the earliest adopters of Invisalign aligner treatment. In 1998, the founders Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth, visited Dr. Lemchen to discuss the technology they were developing. The original aligners were created using technology related to a patent that Dr. Lemchen developed with Dolphin Imaging and Management Systems, the company he founded in 1988.

Invisalign uses smooth plastic trays that rarely cause abrasions and are comfortable. You can show your aligners to people if you want. But, if you don’t tell them they’re not even likely to know that you’re wearing them.

While the aligners are typically worn most of the day, you can take them out when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. This means you do not need to change your diet or oral hygiene habits to accommodate Invisalign.

Once we scan your teeth, we create a virtual image of your new smile. When we scan your mouth to map the anatomy and make the aligners, we also create virtual images of your teeth at every stage of treatment. This allows you to see your smile before we even start treatment.

How Aligner Treatment Is Different from Traditional Braces

Treatment time with aligners is often the same and occasionally less than that of traditional braces. Office visits can be less frequent and can be several months apart.

Our patients are instructed to change their aligners anywhere from every four to seven days assuring efficient and comfortable alignment and maintaining the clarity of the aligners cosmetically.

We also offer the opportunity to whiten your teeth while straightening with our Alightener Foam, developed by our office.

As with traditional braces, we offer several methods of accelerating tooth movement and reducing discomfort using new and exciting technologies.