This young patient began treatment with a class 3 mandibular shift and her laterals in a crossbite. Her treatment included two years of braces and later on, she had Invisalign. If your teeth have shifted after orthodontic treatment, we can help you get your smile back. To schedule a consultation, contact us below.



This before and after shows why we often recommend earlier treatment. In this case, the young patient gained proper torque on the front teeth – allowing the mandible to come forward naturally to class one. Earlier treatment can also improve the patient’s appearance and protect the teeth from potential damage.



This patient requested a fuller smile to reverse the negative impacts of extractions that she received during her initial orthodontic treatment as a teenager.



This patient requested a more beautiful smile. We used Invisalign to straighten the bottom teeth and she had two veneers added to enlarge her top two lateral incisors.



In addition to braces, this patient had jaw surgery to help improve her facial alignment – allowing her to close her lips properly. We asked her how she felt the results turned out and she answered “AMAZING!!!” 



This patient requested fuller lips and she wanted to create a more symmetrical and aligned look that would allow her cheekbones to appear more prominent and her jaw line to be more pronounced.