Meet the Doctors

DR. MARC LEMCHEN, DMD | Board Certified Orthodontist |  | Upper East Side Park Avenue Orthodontist | Downtown Wall Street Orthodontist


Dr. Lemchen is a board-certified orthodontist having received degrees from both Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and Columbia University School of Dental Medicine. He is affiliated with several of New York’s leading hospitals including Lenox Hill and New York Presbyterian where he is a Senior Attending Orthodontist and holds a teaching appointment at Cornell University Medical College. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Dentistry. Dr. Lemchen is active at both Columbia University and Tufts. He is the Chairman of the Tufts University Dental Advisory Board and he has always been a leading innovator in the dental field. He is the technology editor of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics and has a number of patents in dentistry and in other diverse areas. He has pioneered and developed many cutting edge technological innovations in orthodontic imaging, mechanics and software that are used in his practice and others around the world. One of his many patents was the idea of a virtual computer model to visualize an intended outcome of an orthodontic treatment plan. This patent was used to develop aligner therapy and integral to 3D technology in orthodontics. He is also a founder of Dolphin Imaging and Management, the leading provider of imaging and management software to the orthodontic community. Dr. Lemchen’s wife Debbie is a former teacher at The Trinity School and their son, Dr. Andrew Lemchen, is an orthodontist at our practice.


DR. JENNIFER SALZER, DDS | Board Certified Orthodontist | Upper East Side Park Avenue Orthodontist | Downtown Wall Street Orthodontist


Dr. Salzer is a graduate of Duke University with a BS in psychology and a certificate in Neuroscience , and New York University College of Dentistry, where she received her dental degree and post graduate certificate in Orthodontics. There she was the recipient of six academic and scholarship awards, a member of the Deans List, OKU Academic Fraternity, and dual Honors Programs.

Dr. Salzer was chosen to be a featured national speaker for Invisalign orthodontic products, has trained and certified hundreds of dentists in Invisalign training seminars and was voted a favorite speaker by Align Technology. She is a regularly requested lecturer at NYC College of Dentistry as well as many other state wide programs in various topics in orthodontics.

For over 10 years, Dr Salzer has been a national spokesperson and Advisory Board Member for Proctor and Gamble’s Crest Toothpaste products and has worked closely with Crest to educate children and adults on oral hygiene and all aspects of dentistry. She has been working as their expert consultant on many products, appearing in national commercials, working with celebrities and pioneering programs to empower patients.

Motivated by a desire to merge health with aesthetics and break out of the traditional orthodontic “cookie cutter” paradigm, Dr. Salzer began a continuing educational journey which led her to become an expert in Biobloc Orthotropics, a way to optimize facial form, symmetry, posture, breathing and positive growth in conjunction with a beautiful, full, wide, straight smile. This connection has enhanced our understanding and approach to treating TMJ problems, as well as issues with clenching, grinding, headaches, neck pain, and sleep issues such as snoring and sleep apnea. Our office is the first and most experienced Biobloc Orthotropic trained practice in NYC. Dr. Salzer finished her Orthotropics Mini Residency in 2009 and is a supporting member of the North American association of Facial Orthotropics

Dr. Salzer is married with four children.


DR. ANDREW LEMCHEN, DMD | Upper East Side Park Avenue Orthodontist | Downtown Wall Street Orthodontist


Dr. Andrew Lemchen is a graduate of Lehigh University and Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where he received his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry and completed his post-doctoral orthodontic training.

During college, Dr. Lemchen majored in Biology and earned his certificate as an EMT (emergency medical technician). Working as an EMT, he was responsible for responding to a wide range of medical emergencies–including anaphylactic shock, severe trauma, meningitis, and even cardiac arrest. His dedication to Lehigh University's Emergency Medical Service's team eventually led him to become the captain of the Lehigh EMS, to work part-time as an EMT for the New York 911 system, and to receive the "EMS Provider of the Year" award in 2012. Today, he still serves as an active volunteer with the Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance.

At Tufts, Dr. Lemchen continued serving the medical community by working as the lead CPR instructor for the dental school. In this role, he was responsible for training the students and faculty in CPR, as well as updating, developing, and revamping the emergency medical response training protocols. In 2017, he received the student award for excellence and commitment to dental care of persons with disabilities.

As a medical professional, Dr. Lemchen has always recognized the importance of respecting the individual patient’s needs and expectations. He has always enjoyed figuring out the best way to treat each individual case.

"Every patient's orthodontic case presents a puzzle with a different set of challenges that need to be approached and solved in different ways. In orthodontics, there is no recipe book. Everyone is so unique."

Over the years, you may have spotted Dr. Lemchen around our office pouring models in the lab, answering phone calls at the front desk, and assisting with our 3D imaging softwares. Having now completed his doctoral and post-doctoral studies, Dr. Lemchen is eager to begin his professional life in New York City.

Dr. Lemchen is engaged to Carly Daitch and will be getting married in Massachusetts in October.