About Biobloc Orthotropics

Biobloc orthotropics is a great treatment option for young patients who do not have the perfect mouth posture. If not taken care of early on, poor mouth posture can have a negative impact on your health. It can cause the uneven wearing of the teeth, difficulty chewing, and also make facial features look uneven.

Biobloc orthotropics trains your muscles to learn how to hold the jaw in the correct position. For many individuals, correcting mouth posture requires wearing full time appliances or even undergoing surgical procedures; however, with Biobloc many of our young patients are able to learn proper mouth posture through natural growth guidance.

How Does Biobloc Treatment Work?

Instead of extracting teeth or performing jaw surgery, biobloc orthotropics aligns the jaw into the correct position using natural growth guidance. Treatment includes guiding facial growth using muscle strengthening exercises to improve mouth posture.

Why Should I Visit Lemchen Salzer Orthodontics for Biobloc Treatment?

Biobloc is not magic and requires the skills of a doctor that has been trained to use this particular type of treatment. While orthotropics has been in use for quite some time, few practices in New York City offer this treatment method.

At Lemchen Salzer Orthodontics, we are proud to offer Biobloc as an option for our patients. Dr. Jennifer Salzer is trained in using Biobloc orthotropics and is an expert in this particular type of treatment.

Questions About Biobloc?

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