Many of us do not have perfect mouth posture. It isn’t really something we tend to give much thought to, but the posture of our mouths can have a negative impact on us. Poor posture can cause uneven wearing of the teeth, difficulty chewing, and even cause our facial features to look uneven. For some individuals, correction of their mouth posture requires wearing devices full time or even undergoing surgical procedures. However, many individuals can benefit from orthotropics—natural growth guidance. In New York City, orthotropics has been in use for quite some time, but few practices offer it, so we are very proud of our Park Avenue orthotropics services.

Natural growth guidance is accomplished through the use of appliances that allow the patients muscles to learn how to hold the jaw in the correct position. This is in contrast to other appliances that pull the jaw into the ideal location. At our office on the Upper East Side, Biobloc is our appliance of choice.

For our Upper East Side orthotropics patients, we have found that Biobloc works best. In fact, it is the most common appliance used in orthotropics around the world. We want to give our best to Park Avenue; Biobloc, in our minds, in the best. It is, however, important for our patients to know that Biobloc isn’t magic. Its success relies on a professional, knowledgeable orthodontic team as well as the support of the patient’s family.

If you are living in New York City, Biobloc may be the solution to your mouth posture problems. Schedule a consultation to learn more.